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A Glimpse into TEXTOR's Vacuum Vessel

Our research focuses on the extraction of energy from the vacuum vessels of fusion reactors. Extremely high thermal loads occur here that future power plants will have to withstand in continuous load operation if they are to be economically viable. We investigate the materials suited to this purpose and analyse their interaction with hot fusion matter, both independently and in collaboration with leading fusion experiments all over the world


Erstes Plasma in Wendelstein 7-X

Jülich endoscope for Wendelstein 7-X delivers first image

An important tool for the Jülich research programme on plasma wall interactions at Wendelstein 7-X is a set of optical instruments allowing for local observation of the divertor area in the range of infrared up to UV. For this purpose, researchers have developed an endoscope which transfers the light collected at the plasma boundary via a set of mirrors with complex shape out of the stellarator for evaluation with cameras and spectrometers More: Jülich endoscope for Wendelstein 7-X delivers first image …

Vertreter des EUROfusion-Konsortiums mit Urkunden

EUROfusion - New Fusion Programme

With a ceremony on 9 October 2014 in Brussels a new organization has been started for the coordination of the European Fusion Research Programme. The Consortium EUROfusion is the backbone of this new organization, which comprises 29 national fusion centres from 26 countries. With this consortium the national fusion research centres want to bundle their resources more efficiently towards the common goal: the first fusion power plant. About half of the five years' budget (2014–2018) of 857 Million Euro is borne by the EU. More: EUROfusion - New Fusion Programme …

Der Schalter wird umgelegt

TEXTOR: The End of an Era

After 30 years of successful operation, the Tokamak TEXTOR has been shut down in December 2013. Jülich fusion research now turns its full attention to material issues and problems associated with continuous operation of a fusion reactor. After the very last plasma discharge, a handle was switched symbolically to mark the transition to the new research focus. More: TEXTOR: The End of an Era …