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Atmospheric Couplings

Dynamics and transport are essential aspects for understanding the distribution of trace substances in the atmosphere of relevance for climate and atmospheric chemistry. In a globally changing world, atmospheric dynamics also undergoes changes – which in turn causes a feedback effect on the distribution of trace substances. Examples being studied at the moment are the entry of tropospheric air into the stratosphere in the tropics, possible changes in the Brewer-Dobson circulation, and the effect of gravity waves on the middle atmosphere.

IEK-7's investigation of the exchange between troposphere and stratosphere focuses on measurement campaigns in the tropics. In the future, the Asian monsoon will be the centre of attention. However, transport via the subtropical jet stream and in the mid-latitudes will also be studied in new projects. New possibilities of observation by means of high-resolution remote sensing will significantly improve studies of the tropopause region and of the wave dynamics on different space scales in comparison with studies using satellite data. The CLaMS model makes it possible to test new theories and processes related to atmospheric transport, also taking into account different climate scenarios.

Selected research activities include: