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Establishment of a Scientific Infrastructure for the Helmholtz Association's Climate Initiative (HALO Instrumentation)

IEK-7 will make a significant contribution to the instrumentation of the new German research aircraft HALO (High-Altitude and Long-Range Research Aircraft) by developing an ice–water package (Lyman-α hygrometer, tunable diode laser for water vapour, particle measurements) and the novel remote sensing instrument GLORIA-AB (up to 40 trace gases, aerosols, clouds).

HALO - High Altitude and LOng range research aircraftHALO - High Altitude and LOng range research aircraft

These development tasks, which constituted a great challenge and meant extra work for both scientists and technicians at IEK-7, received massive support from Helmholtz expansion investment funds. As part of the establishment of a scientific infrastructure for the “climate initiative” in the Helmholtz Association's research field of Earth and Environment, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) funded a collaborative project between IEK-7 and KIT (HALO integrated measuring system).
The German Research Foundation (DFG) has also earmarked funds from the priority programme Atmospheric and Earth System Research with HALO for IEK-7 to develop and operate two instruments for measuring water and particles, respectively, HAI (Hygrometer for Atmospheric Investigations) and NIXE-CAPS (New Ice eXpEriment – Cloud and Aerosol Particle Spectrometer). Within the scope of the DFG project Lagrangian Support of Stratospheric Operations of HALO (LASSO), scientists from IEK-7 will also support the HALO measurement campaigns with model predictions for flight planning in order to optimize the flight patterns.