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SPARC Water Vapour Initiative

The objective of the initiative is to compile and assess current knowledge on water vapour in the upper troposphere and stratosphere as part of a collaboration between leading international experts, in particular with a view to the impact of the water content on climate and possible changes in this part of the atmosphere.

Stratospheric Processes and their Role in Climate (SPARC) is a project within the World Climate Research Program WCRP. The Water Vapour Initiative is coordinated by Cornelius Schiller (IEK-7), Thomas Peter (ETH Zurich, Switzerland) and Karen Rosenlof (NOAA, Boulder, USA).

The three key tasks are:

  1. Evaluating the quality of in situ data and remote sensing data on water in the upper troposphere and stratosphere
  2. Compiling observations, laboratory measurements and theories on supersaturation inside and outside clouds
  3. Identifying and assessing changes in the water content in the upper troposphere and stratosphere and their impact on climate and atmospheric processes