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Remote sensing technology is used to observe the temperature and composition of the atmosphere in locations far from the measuring equipment. The instruments can therefore be operated on satellites for observations covering the entire globe. Flown on research aircraft, they provide “curtains” along the flight path. Atmospheric structures that can hardly be understood from individual measurements can often be explained from such two-dimensional (aircraft) data or global (satellite) data. Satellite data are indispensable for global budgets.

Tasks of the IEK-7 remote sensing group include developing and operating its own instruments, retrieving atmospheric temperatures and trace substances from measured infrared radiances – a branch of science in itself –, scientifically interpreting the data and, based on the results, defining new research objectives and proposing new instruments for future satellites.

For deployment on the research aircrafts HALO and Geophysica GLORIA was developed, which has the worldwide unique capability to imageprocesses in the tropopause region in 3D by tomography.

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