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Jülich OWS Interface

Jülich OWS Interface

The Jülich OWS Interface (JOIN) provides interoperable web services for modeling and emission data sets allowing for easy download and visualisation of multi-dimensional atmospheric composition and emission data via the internet. The European project Monitoring of Atmospheric Composition and Climate (MACC) provides daily analyses and forecasts of the global and European atmospheric chemical composition using a comprehensive modeling and data assimilation system. These data are made available in the form of different catalogs either stored locally on the Jülich WCS server or accessed from other WCS servers from European and international partners. JOIN provides a user friendly interface for flexible selection of data sets delivered from WCS servers. The user can select a geographical region, time range and different variables from the selected dataset and can then either download the data or visualize them in the form of maps, vertical cross sections or time series. A special feature is the comparison of model results with observational data in near realtime (daily updates). This is being implemented at present and currently works for air quality monitoring data from the German Umweltbundesamt.

JOIN constitutes the boundary condition service for regional air quality models in the European MACC project, or as a front-end to the TFHTAP multi-model experiment database hosted at IEK-8.