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Priv. Doz. Dr. Martin Schultz

PD Dr. Martin Schultz

Group leader global atmospheric modeling

Scientific interest

Over the many years I have spent in researching global atmospheric composition, my main interest has shifted from measurements of ozone precursors to modelling the atmosphere in the Earth system. Recently, my research focus has turned back to working with measurement data and I am now exploring novel data analysis techniques to atmospheric composition, and more generally Earth system data at the JSC.

My current objectives are to

  • exploit the rapid technical and conceptual development of web services and computing infrastructure to open new ways for analyzing complex Earth system data from observations and models (e.g. through deep learning and big data analytics),
  • find objective methods for classifying atmospheric observations and assess their information content in a globally consistent manner (including the use of novel geo-information resources, quality assessment of novel sensor networks and the definition of objective model evaluation criteria),
  • contribute to the establishment of best practices for worldwide environmental data management and data sharing through the development of user-friendly and powerful web service

Main achievements

Since I joined the IEK-8 in 2006, I have been involved in various activities with partners from all around the world. Besides numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals I coordinated the European research project RETRO and large work packages within the EU projects GEMS, MACC, MACC-II, MACC-III, CITYZEN, and PEGASOS. I have also been involved in the ESA Climate Change Initiative “Fire” project, and in a DFG project on understanding Cenozoic climate change. I contributed substantially to multiple international model inter-comparison projects (ACCENT, TFHTAP, ACCMIP), both with the development of emission inventories and with model simulations. Over recent years I have been responsible for the development of the chemistry component of the chemistry climate model ECHAM-HAMMOZ. Furthermore I have led the development of the TOAR surface ozone database and helped shaping the first comprehensive tropospheric ozone assessment as member of the TOAR steering committee. I am also acting as chair of the scientific advisory group of the WMO Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) Science Advisory Group on reactive gases, and I guide the development of the Jülich Open Web Interface JOIN. My interest in open data sharing also led to the foundation of the WMO task team atmospheric composition vocabulary, which aims at establishing standard terminology in the research field of atmospheric composition.


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