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Internships, Bachelor, Master Thesis

Internships, Bachelor- und Master thesis‘ in the field of aerosols in air chemistry

Why are aerosols important?

The air contains small particles besides gaseous components. These particles are either liquid or solid. Such mixtures of air and particles or droplets are called aerosols. In our region particles are composed of the salts of sulfuric and nitric acid and of a large fraction of organic components, which are often of biogenic origin. The chemical composition of the particles is important for their hygroscopicity, i.e. the ability to take up and evaporate water vapor. The hygroscopicity determines the growth of cloud droplets and the particle water content influences the optical properties of the particles. Both are important for the climate effect of aerosols by direct scattering of sunlight and by formation, properties, and lifetime of clouds.

Team and tasks:

The group heterogeneous reactions investigates the chemistry of trace substances in multi-component aerosols. We study effects of heterogeneous processes on the chemical composition of particles and the effect on particle properties. Of special interest is the role of organic compounds in cloud droplets activation. We investigate the chemical composition of the particles as well as of the gas-phase in contact with the particles by applying modern mass spectrometric methods (Proton Transfer Reaction Mass Spectrometry, Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometry, Aerosol Mass Spectrometry). The work is part of national and international projects.

What can you do:

We offer internships, bachelor and master thesis in the fields of:

Mass spectrometry of organic compounds
The goal is to relate mass spectra to structure and functionality of organic compounds.

Modeling of the formation of organic aerosols by gas to particle conversion

The goal is to describe by coupling of gas phase chemistry and partitioning of reaction products in simple models formation, growth and chemical ageing of atmospheric aerosols.

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