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Lecture Programme

University of Cologne


University of Wuppertal

Condensed Course of the Universities of Cologne and Wuppertal in cooperation with the Institutes (IEK-7 and IEK-8) of the Forschungszentrums Jülich

Preliminary Lecture Programme:

Monday, 24.09.2018

08:15am - 09:00am

09:00am - 10:30am

1. Structure of the Atmosphere

  • Layering (troposphere, stratosphere, ...)
  • barometric formula, temperature gradient, potential temperature, isentropes
  • water in the atmosphere
  • ozone
11:00am - 12:30pm

2. Atmospheric Chemistry I (part 1)

  • atmospheric composition
  • photochemically active radiation and its height dependence
  • photochemistry, radicals, gas phase kinetics
  • lifetime of molecules and molecule families
Kleffmann, Hofzumahaus
12:30am - 01:30pmlunch break 
01:30pm - 02:45pm3. Atmospheric Chemistry I (part 2)Kleffmann, Hofzumahaus
03:15pm - 04:45pm

4. Dynamics of the Atmosphere I (part 1)

  • transport and mixing in the atmosphere
  • diffusion, advection, and turbulence
  • Navier-Stokes equations and Ekman spiral
  • atmospheric scales in time and space
  • global circulation
Ansorge, Shao
05:00pm - 06:00pm5. Dynamics of the Atmosphere I (part 2)Ansorge, Shao
from 06:00pmicebreaker und dinner

Tuesday, 25.09.2018

09:00am - 10:30am

6. Tropospheric gas phase chemistry

  • Loss of organic trace gases by OH, O3 und NO3 (reaction mechanisms)
  • selected trace gas cycles
  • anthropogenic impacts on tropospheric chemistry
11:00am - 12:30pm7. Troposphärische AerosoleMentel
12:30am - 01:30pmlunch break 
01:30pm - 03:00pm

8. Modelling of Chemistry and Transport of Trace Gases in the Troposphere (part 1)

  • objectives, model types, and composition
  • further processes
  • survey of existing chemistry-transport models
03:30pm - 05:00pm9. Atmospheric chemistry mechanism investigations using simulation chambersDoussin
05:15pm - 06:00pm10. Modelling of Chemistry and Transport of Trace Gases in the Troposphere (part 2)Elbern
06:00pm - 07:00pmsupper 
07:00pm - 08:00pm11. Stratospheric dynamics and transportKonopka

Wednesday, 26.09.2018

09:00am - 10:30am

12. Data Assimilation and Inversion of Chemistry-Transport Models

  • objectives
  • methods
  • stratospheric chemistry DA
  • tropospheric chemistry DA
  • inversion
11:00am - 12:30am13. Ice clouds - observations and simulationsRolf, Krämer
12:30am - 01:30pmlunch break 
01:30pm - 02:15pm14. The importance of clouds and new approaches for observation Crewell
02:45pm - 06:00pm15. Visitation of IEK-7: Stratosphere / IEK-8: Troposphere
06:00pm - 07:00pmsupper 
07:00pm - 08:00pm16. Guest lecture: Investigation of aerosol transformation in the lab and how this helps in aerosol source apportionment in the fieldProf. Urs Baltensperger, Paul Scherrer-Institut

Thursday, 27.09.2018

09:00am - 10:30am

17. Radiative Processes in the Atmosphere

  • radiative transfer equation
  • atmospheric dynamics versus radiative equilibrium
  • radiative forcing
11:00am - 12:30pm

18. Stratospheric Chemistry

  • Chapman cycle
  • catalytic ozone destruction cycles, impact of NOx, HOx, ClOx, and BrOx
  • polar ozone and Polar Stratospheric Clouds (PSC)
  • UV-B
  • chlorofluorocarbons (CFC)
12:30am - 01:30pmlunch break 
01:30pm - 03:00pm19. Optical properties of aerosol particles – Basic principles and related measurement methodsBundke, Petzold
03:30pm - 05:00pm20. exercises: Stratospheric chemistry and dynamicsKonopka, Grooß
05:15pm - 06:00pm

21. Atmospheric remote sensing

  • satellite measurents
  • atmospheric radiative transfer
  • temperature soundings
06:00pm - 07:00pmsupper 
07:00pm - 08:00pm22. GeoengineeringGrooß

Friday, 28.09.2018

09:00am - 10:30am

23. Global Change of the Earth's Atmospheric Composition and Impact on Climate

  • radiation budget of the earth
  • greenhouse effect, impact of trace gases
  • CO2 cycle
  • historical and future changes of climate parameters (using the example of surface temperature)
11:00am - 12:30pmfinal discussion