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Joint Atmospheric-Chemistry Seminar of the IEK-7/-8

Location: Forschungszentrum Jülich, building 05.2, large seminar room

Date, Time Theme, Speaker

328. Seminar

Wednesday, 23. January 2019
10:00 am

Invited by IEK-8

1) NOx control of nocturnal biogenic VOC oxidation in the South East US
2) Recent advances in the use of low cost sensors for atmospheric science
Peter Edwards
University of York, York, UK

329. Seminar

Wednesday, 06. Febuary 2019
11:15 am

Invited by IEK-7

Small-Scale Convective Gravity Waves: Contributions to the Large-Scale Circulations in the Middle Atmosphere
Hye-Yeong Chun
Yonsei Unviersity, Seoul, Korea

330. Seminar

Wednesday, 13. Febuary 2019
11:15 am

Invited by IEK-7

will be announced
Veronika Wolf
Luleå University of Technology, Kiruna

331. Seminar

FRIDAY, 29. March 2019
10:30 am

Invited by IEK-7

Generation and detection of GWs within and outside from the southern polar vortex
Alejandro de la Torre
Austral University (Argentina)