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Photochemie und Radikale

Photochemistry and Radicals

Investigation of the chemistry of free radicals (OH, HO2, RO2, NO3) in the atmosphere and their impact on the atmospheric self-cleaning and formation of secondary air pollutants (ozone, aerosols etc). More

Reaktive Spurenstoffe

Reactive Trace Gases

Reactive trace gases like hydrocarbons and nitric oxides are emitted in enormous amounts by natural and anthropogenic sources into the atmosphere. The measurement of their concentrations and the review of their depletion paths help us to understand the complex processes, which are needed to remove the contamination from the atmosphere. More



Investigations of the sources, the chemical composition, and the micro physical properties of atmospheric aerosols under various aspectes. More

Globale Beobachtungen

Global Monitoring

Investigation of cycles and trends of water vapour, aerosols, and clouds as well as of ozone and ozone precursors in the upper troposphere and lowermost stratosphere (UTLS) More



Numerical modelling of atmospheric physics and chemistry provides both key information on so far poorly understood processes and feedback mechanisms, as well as planning and analysis tool for field missions. More









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