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Joint European Summer School on Fuel Cell, Battery, and Hydrogen Technology,
JESS 2013


16 – 27 September 2013

Hotel Amarilia, Athens, Greece


The Joint European Summer School JESS 2013 will be held near the beautiful city of Athens from 16 to 27 September 2013. Once again it will provide two weeks of highly condensed high level courses on selected topics.

 The increase in energy production from regenerative sources creates a demand for energy storage technologies. Storage and conversion can be accomplished electrochemically, in batteries or chemically through electrolysis, hydrogen storage and fuel cells. Therefore, these technologies are predestined to play a major role in the energy production infra-structure of the near future.

 During the Summer School, the main focus will be on the technological aspects. Starting from the fundamental principles of electrochemistry and thermodynamics the entire spectrum of materials, design and balance of plant will be covered both from an engineering point of view as well as from a modelling perspective. The module on hydrogen production, storage and handling will for the first time also include essential aspects of safety. The technological courses will be augmented by more general lectures on energy policies and socio-economics.

 Additional to the lectures, the participants will be asked to join in student projects where the content of the lectures can, for instance, be applied to a case study to be presented at the end of the week.

 An optional exam will be available for students who wish to obtain ECTS points :

SOFC and Batteries:             3 ECTS points each

Other modules:                      1½ ECTS points each (i.e. up to 3 ECTS per week)

 All the lectures will be presented by highly acclaimed experts within the research fields from various universities, research centres and industry.

 The Summer School targets at students and young professionals within the fields of fuel cells, hydrogen technology and batteries.