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Projekte in Deutschland

current projects in Germany:

  • Meet HiEnD – Materials and Components to Meet High Energy Density Batteries“ (BMBF, Excellent Battery)
  • MeMO – Elektrochemische Metall-Metalloxid-Hochtemperaturspeicher für zentrale und dezentrale stationäre Anwendungen“ (BMBF)
  • „Hochtemperatur- und Energiematerialien“ (BMBF, 6. Energieforschungsprogramm der Bundesregierung)

Projekte in Europa

current projects in Europe:

  • SOFCLife
  • H2FC European Infrastructure
  • EERA

    • Joint Programme on Energy Storage
    • Joint Programme on Fuel Cells and Hydrogen technologies

Projekte weltweit

current projects worldwide:

  • „In-Operando Spectroscopy on novel Silicon-Air Batteries“ (G.I.F)
  • N-Kath – ‚Ab initio Development of new cathode materials“ (BMBF Client Russia Joint research project)
  • Energy and High-Temperature Materials- Cooperation with ORNL (BMBF)