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Access to Jülich's infrastructure for durability testing of SOFC single cells

Within the framework of the FP7 project H2FC European Infrastructure the SOFC team in IEK-9 of Forschungszentrum Jülich offers the use of their test facilities for durability testing (up to 3000 h) of SOFC single cells to external applicants from research and industry.

DurSOFC: Durability testing of SOFC

The key Jülich SOFC research topic currently is device durability & performance. Programmes and facilities are in place to examine these issues at all levels of research in the field, fundamental to applied. In particular the long term testing of devices is seen as crucial in furthering the field. This is work few universities can do as they do not possess sufficient test capacity (minimum meaningful test period being around 1500 hours); further academic test facilities is seldom standardised (as that at Jülich is) - thus preventing any meaningful comparisons from being made device to device, material to material. Their intellect is missed sorely from the field in this work, mainly as a result of this long-term test capacity issue. Understanding durability issues is a key theme of this project and this element is the only activity under the TARSA activities where academics can directly access the long term cell test facilities they need to carry out fundamental research in the area.

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