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Institute of Energy and Climate Research

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Energy Economy

An important objective of our work is to analyse energy use and its impact on the environment, and to develop options for a sustainable energy supply.

Against this background, scenarios of a future energy supply are developed that take into account changed framework conditions (e.g. meeting of climate targets, increasing energy prices), which are then used as a basis to derive suitable energy policy strategies and recommendations for policymakers in politics, economics and industry. Work includes:

  • the creation of national energy scenarios;
  • sectoral analyses, as well as
  • the evaluation of individual technologies as well as technology lines and systems.

In addition, the interdependencies are also shown in a macroeconomic context. For this purpose, computer-based models are generated and used as a tool. Due to new framework conditions in the energy economy and the resulting issues, modelling instruments are continuously refined and expanded. The spectrum of analyses comprises e.g.

  • restrictions arising from objectives in environmental and climate protection,
  • the introduction of new technologies, as well as
  • the possible impact of legal regulations as well as market-oriented measures and instruments.

Director: Dr. rer. pol. Wilhelm Kuckshinrichs