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STE-Preprint 2012

  • 01/2012 Schlör, H., Fischer, W., Hake, J.F.: Measuring social welfare, energy and inequality in Germany. PDF:01/2012

  • 02/2012 Schumann, D., Tvedt, S., Torvatn, H.Y.: The influence of knowledge, trust and perceptions of risks and benefits on the stability of attitudes towards CO2 capture and storage (CCS). A comparative structural equation modelling analysis of data from representative surveys in Germany and Norway.

  • 03/2012 Kronenberg, T.: Nachhaltige Stabilisierungspolitik. PDF: 03/2012

  • 04/2012 Baufumé, S., Hennings, W., Kuckshinrichs, W., Linssen, J., Markewitz, P., Stenzel, P., Vögele, S.: Energiespeicher PDF: 04/2012

  • 05/2012 Pesch, T., Martinsen, D., Heinrichs, H., Hake, J.F.: The German “Energiewende” – A Scenario Analysis.

  • 06/2012 Baufumé, S., Grube, T., Grüger, F., Krieg, D., Linssen, J., Weber, M., Hake, J.F., Stolten, D.: GIS-based analysis of hydrogen pipeline infrastructure for different supply and demand options. PDF: 06/2012

  • 07/2012 Hansen, P., Markewitz, P., Kuckshinrichs, W., Hake, J.F.: Wege zum klimaneutralen Wohngebäudebestand bis zum Jahr 2050. PDF: 07/2012

  • 08/2012 Schlör, H., Fischer, W., Hake, J.F.: The impact of higher energy prices on socio-economic inequalities of German social groups. PDF: 08/2012

  • 09/2012 Schlör, H., Fischer, W., Hake, J.F.: Sustainable development and justice. Measuring energy and income distribution in Germany. PDF:09/2012

  • 10/2012 Schlör, H., Fischer, Wolfgang, Hake, Jürgen-Friedrich: The impact of increasing energy prices on German households – Analysis based on the 2008 German household data survey. PDF: 10/2012

  • 11/2012 Sander, M.: A proposal for a simple indicator to measure the impact of international regimes on energy security.

  • 12/2012 Zapp, P., Schreiber, A., Marx, J., Haines, M., Hake, J.-Fr., Gale, J.: Overall environmental impacts of CCS technologies - a life cycle approach. PDF: 12/2012

  • 13/2012 Schreiber, A., Marx, J., Zapp, P.: Environmental assessment of a membrane-based air separation for a coal-fired oxyfuel process. PDF: 13/2012

  • 14/2012 Schumann, D., Fischer, W., Hake, J.F.: Akzeptanz der Transformation des Energiesystems in der Bevölkerung. PDF: 14/2012

  • 15/2012 Kronenberg, T., Többen, J.: On the construction of regional input-output tables with imported products inside the transactions matrix. PDF: 15/2012

  • 16/2012 Hake, J.F., Hansen, P., Kronenberg, T., Pesch, T.: Energieszenarien für Deutschland: Eine kritische Analyse der Leitstudie 2011. PDF: 16/2012

  • 17/2012 Kronenberg, T., Kuckshinrichs, W., Hansen, P.: Macroeconomic Effects of the German Government’s Building Rehabilitation Program. PDF: 17/2012

  • 18/2012 Fischer, W., Hake, J.F.: CCS in Deutschland – gescheitert? PDF: 18/2012

  • 19/2012 Vögele, S., Rübbelke, D.: A Comparison of Merit-order Effects of PV and CCS. PDF: 19/2012

  • 20/2012 Markewitz, P., Hansen, P., Kuckshinrichs, W., Hake, J.F., Krause, H., Erler, F., Köppel, W., Fischer, M.: Strategien zur CO2-Reduzierung im privaten Wohngebäudebereich. PDF: 20/2012

  • 21/2012 Baufumé, Sylvestre, Grüger, Fabian, Grube, Thomas, Krieg, Dennis, Linssen, Jochen, Weber, Michael, Hake, Jürgen-Friedrich, Stolten, Detlef: GIS-based scenario calculations for a nationwide German hydrogen pipeline infrastructure. PDF: 21/2012

  • 22/2012 Vögele, Stefan, Rübbelke, Dirk: Decisions on Investments in Photovoltaic and Carbon Capture and Storage: A Comparison between two different Greenhouse Gas Control Strategies. PDF: 22/2012

  • 23/2012 Vögele, Stefan, Rübbelke, Dirk: Effects of Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage in Germany on European Electricity Exchange and Welfare. PDF: 23/2012

  • 24/2012 Schenk, Olga: Influence of technology-oriented agreements on European policy in the field of carbon capture and storage technologies. PDF: 24/2012

  • 25/2012 Markewitz, Peter, Marx, Josefine, Schreiber, Andrea, Zapp, Petra: Ecological evaluation of coal-fired Oxyfuel power plants -cryogenic versus membrane-based air separation-. PDF: 25/2012

  • 26/2012 Hennings, Wilfried, Mischinger, Stefan, Linssen, Jochen: Utilization of Excess Wind Power in Electric Vehicles. PDF: 26/2012