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STE-Preprint 2014

  • 01/2014 Linssen, Jochen, Hake, Jürgen-Friedrich: International Hydrogen Research, Development, Demonstration and Deployment Activities.

  • 02/2014 Schlör, Holger, Hake, Jürgen-Friedrich, Fischer, Wolfgang: Integrated Sustainability Assessment of Climate Impact, Land, Energy and Water Use in Germany against the Background of the UN Green Economy Model and Germany’s Sustainability Strategy.

  • 03/2014 Stenzel, Peter, Baumann, Manuel, Fleer, Johannes, Zimmermann, Benedikt, Weil, Marcel: Database development and evaluation for techno-economic assessments of electrochemical energy storage systems.

  • 04/2014

  • 05/2014 Schlör, Holger, Hake, Jürgen-Friedrich, Fischer, Wolfgang: Survey of sustainable indicator systems – two pictures of the world. PDF: 05/2014