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Student's Seminar Winter 2015/2016

(20 minute talk followed by 20 minutes discussion)
(building 15.1X, room 249)

Wednesday, 4th November 2015

1:00-1:40Johannes Mauer
(Theoretical Soft Matter and Biophysics)
Shape and dynamics of single red blood cells in tube flow
1:45-2:25Matthias Amann
(Neutron Scattering)
Structure and phase behaviour of C28-PEO star-like micelles as soft colloidal model system studied by SANS
2:30-3:10Sebastian Rode
(Theoretical Soft Matter and Biophysics)
Ciliated Microswimmers


Wednesday, 18th November 2015

1:00-1:40Andreea Belu
Fabrication and investigation of 3D nanostructured large arrays for neuronal cell culture
1:45-2:25Olivera Korculanin
(Soft Condensed Matter)
Aggregation of red blood cells induced by rod-like colloids


Wednesday, 9th December 2015

1:00-1:40Dusan Petrović
(Structural Biochemistry)
Computational enzymology: atomistic insight into biocatalysis
1:45-2:25Cristina Remeş
(Molecular Biophysics)
Single molecule study on ribosomal translation initiation: optimization of sample preparation
2:30-3:10Sneak Postview


Wednesday, 13th January 2016 (room change: building 16.15, auditorium)

1:00-1:40Antonie Schöne
(Molecular Biophysics)
Characterization of a FRET system for protein folding studies
1:45-2:25Daniel Kortzak
(Cellular Biophysics)
Free energy calculations of potassium binding to excitatory amino acid transporters
2:30-3:10Jonas Riest
(Soft Condensed Matter)
Short-time dynamics in dispersions with competing short-range attraction and long-range repulsion


Wednesday, 3rd February 2016

1:00-1:40Melanie Balbach
(Molecular Sensory Systems)
The action of native and heterologous zona pellucida glycoproteins in mouse sperm
1:45-2:25Sabrina Ullmann
Mushroom megaphones: improving the capabilities of microelectrode arrays
2:30-3:10Dinar Katanov
(Theoretical Soft Matter and Biophysics)
Segregation of soft particles in flow

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