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Student's Seminar Winter 2016/2017

(20 minute talk followed by 20 minutes discussion)
(building 15.1X, room 249)

Wednesday, 15th November 2017
(room change: building 04.16, room 2001)

9:00-9:40Monia Brugnoni
(Physical Chemistry of Complex Fluids)
Structural characterization of a hollow doubly-thermoresponsive microgel
9:45-10:25Martin Wagner
(Theoretical Soft Matter and Biophysics)
Colloidal Microswimmers driven by Thermophoresis
10:30-11:10Kai Korsching
(Molecular Sensory Systems)
Sperm guidance in zebrafish (Danio rerio)
11:15-11:55Sebastian Rode
(Theoretical Soft Matter and Biophysics)
Flagellated and ciliated microswimmers


Wednesday, 13th December 2017

9:00-9:40Mona Sarter
(Neutron Scattering)
Conformational entropy and dynamics of streptavidin-biotin binding
9:45-10:25Melissa Hermes
(Physical Chemistry)
Size effects on particle diffusion in complex fluids as proved by magnetic particle nanorheology
10:30-11:10Jella-Andrea Abraham
Effects of mechanical signals to cells: neuronal systems under strain
11:15-11:55Doreen Niether
(Soft Condensed Matter)
Unravelling the hydrophilicity of urea in water using thermodiffusion: implications for protein denaturation


Wednesday, 17th January 2018

9:00-9:40Anton Welker
(Biophysics, Cologne)
Molecular motors govern liquid-like ordering of bacterial colonies
9:45-10:25Rejhana Kolasinac
Fusogenic liposomes--discovering the fusogenic lipid phase
10:30-11:10Jan Hansen
(Physics of Soft Matter)
Interactions in protein solutions in the vicinity of the gas-liquid binodal
11:15-11:55Charlotte Lorenz
(Neutron Scattering)
Protein self-assembly of hGBP1 studied by time-resolved small angle scattering


Wednesday, 7th February 2018

9:00-9:40Sebastian Hillringhaus
(Theoretical Soft Matter and Biophysics)
The mechanics of vesicle blebbing
9:45-10:25Andrei Kostritskii
(Cellular Biophysics)
Ion current mediated by lipid scramblases of the TMEM16 protein family: a molecular dynamics study
10:30-11:10Eva Kreysing
Quantitative measurement of
action-potential-induced dynamics
at the cell-substrate interface
using Surface Plasmon Resonance Microscopy
11:15-11:55Irina Tihaa
Engineering and analysing brain connectivity in vitro

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