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Have a look and get inspired by a selection of pictures from research projects in IHRS BioSoft groups! If you would like to know more, simply click on a picture that you find interesting. A page will open where further information about the particular research is described. This set of pages represents only few selected projects;  for a more complete description of our research activities, please visit the group websites.

Grafik: RedBloodCell_jpg

Red blood cell in capillary flow

Grafik: PolyelectrolyteElectrophoresis_jpg

Polyelectrolyte electrophoresis

Grafik: CooperationOfSpermInTwoDimensions_jpg

Cooperation of sperm

Grafik: ReactionControlledDiffusion_jpg

Reaction-controlled diffusion

Grafik: BucklingOfVirusCapsids_jpg

Buckling of virus capsids

Grafik: NearWallDynamics_jpg

Near wall dynamics of colloidal suspensions

Grafik: VorticityBanding_jpg

Vorticity banding

Grafik: ThermalDiffusion_jpg

Thermal diffusion in colloidal and polymer dispersions

Grafik: ElectricFields_jpg

Electric fields

Grafik: BoostingEffect_jpg

Boosting Effect

Grafik: PolymerNetworks_jpg

Polymer Networks

Grafik: QuenchedMelts_jpg

Quenched Melts

Grafik: Homopolymers_jpg

Homopolymers and block copolymers

Grafik: SANS_jpg

Small Angle Neutron Scattering

Grafik: CD4_jpg

CD4 and HIV-1 VpU

Grafik: PhysiologicalRole_jpg

Physiological role and protein-protein interactions of GABARAP

Grafik: SARS_jpg

SARS CoV 7a binds to human lymphocyte function-associated antigen 1

Grafik: SH3_jpg

Investigation of selected SH3 domain-ligand complexes

Grafik: EdibleMicroemulsions_jpg

Edible Microemulsions

Grafik: CrystallisationOfArrestin_jpg

Crystallisation of arrestin

Grafik: LittleBrain_jpg

The little brain of an archaebacterium

Grafik: StructureOfPeptideSolutions_jpg

Structure of peptide solutions

Grafik: GlutenProteins_jpg

Solution structure of gluten proteins

Colloids in potential energy landscapes

Colloids in potential energy landscapes

Grafik: CagedCGMP_jpg

Caged cGMP - a Trojan horse

Grafik: SensorySignals_jpg

Processing of sensory signals

Grafik: ChemosensationInSperm_jpg

Chemosensation in sperm

Grafik: CellAdhesion_jpg

Cell adhesion and migration

Grafik: DynamicsOfTheCytoskeleton_jpg

Dynamics of the cytoskeleton

Structural biology of cellular autophagy

Structural biology of cellular autophagy

Grafik: DynamicalForceSpectroscopy_jpg

Dynamical force spectroscopy

Grafik: SignalProcessingInTheRetina_jpg

Signal processing in the retina

Grafik: TheNervousSystem_jpg

The nervous system

Grafik: CellBasedBioelectronics_jpg

Cell based bioelectronics

Grafik: NanoelectrochemicalInterfaces_jpg

Nanoelectrochemical interfaces

Grafik: AFMAndFRET_jpg


Aggregation modulating D-Peptides for the therapy of neurodegenerative diseases

Aggregation modulating D-Peptides for the therapy of neurodegenerative …

Grafik: BendsAndKinksInDNA_jpg

Bends and kinks in DNA

Grafik: MicroemulsionsUnderPressure_jpg

Microemulsions under pressure

Grafik: SelfDiffusion_jpg

Self-diffusion of rods at high concentrations

Grafik: DynamicsOfProteinDomains_jpg

Dynamics of protein domains