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Institute for Nuclear Physics

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Institute for Nuclear Physics (IKP)

The institute as a member of JCHP is dedicated to fundamental research in the field of hadron, particle, and nuclear physics. The aim is to study the properties and behaviour of hadrons in an energy range that resides between the nuclear and the high energy regime.

The cooler synchrotron and storage ring COSY delivers unpolarized and polarized beams of protons and deuterons with momenta up to 3.7 GeV/c for two internal experiments—ANKE and WASA—and one experiment—TOF—at an
external target position. All three detection systems are operated by large international collaborations.

In addition, the unique COSY capabilities are used by the SPIN@COSY-, dEDM- and PAX-collaborations to investigate spin-manipulations, to build a dedicated EDM-storage ring experiment, and to prepare experiments on polarization
buildup in storage rings.

The IKP theory group studies the strong interactions in their various settings—spanning topics in hadron structure and dynamics, the nuclear many-body problem and high-energy Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD). The main focus is on the formulation and application of effective field theories for precision hadron and nuclear physics based on the symmetries of QCD.Within the virtual institute on "Spin and strong QCD" work focuses on applications for physics at COSY and FAIR.