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Architecture and Brain Function

The research group "Architecture and Brain Function" develops a three-dimensional brain atlas on the basis of cytoarchitectonic, molecular and functional data as well as connectivity.

Fields of Research:

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Cytoarchitectonic maps in a three-dimensional atlas of the human brain.

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Neurotransmitter receptors are, together with the transmitters (transmitting substances), the key molecules for signal transmission between neurons and provide the molecular basis for structure-function relationships in the brain.

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Virtuelles Gehirn: 3D-Darstellung des menschlichen Gehirns mit direkter Interaktion durch den Betrachter

Virtual Brain

Virtual Brain - An interactive, three-dimensional representation of the human brain in cooperation with JARA-HPC.

Virtual Brain: Virtual Brain …

Deformationsfeld-Morphometrie: Quantifizierung struktureller Unterschiede

Deformation field morphometry

Quantification of structural differences

Deformation field morphometry: Deformation field morphometry …

Sprechen als komplexe Gehirnleistung

The neural circuitry of language

Coronal section of a human brain measured with 3D Polarized Light Imaging (3D-PLI)

Polarized light imaging

Cytoarchitectonic maps in a three-dimensional atlas of the human brain.Three-dimensional Polarized Light Imaging allows to map nerve fibers and fiber tracts in whole postmortem brains with a resolution of a few micrometers.

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