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The department "Structural and functional organisation of the brain” (INM-1) exploits different imaging modalities on macroscopic and microscopic scales in order to create three-dimensional anatomical maps of the human brain (Human Brain Mapping) and investigate its connectivity (Connectome), amongst others. This requires fusion and interactive 3D visualization of the imaging data.

In this context, the project group "Computational Neuroscience" develops

  • methods for segmentation and registration of multimodal 2D and 3D imaging data,
  • techniques for storage and management of large datasets, and
  • approaches for solving these problems on high performance computing platforms.

The group works in close collaboration with the Jülich Supercomputing Center (JSC).

The project group "Virtual Brain" works on problems related to interactive 3D visualization:

  • How can we jointly visualize different 3D imaging data of the human brain in a meaningful way?
  • What are intuitive ways of realtime navigation in a virtual brain?
  • Which hardware setups are suited in this context for visualization and interaction?
  • How can those problems be solved with large datasets?

These problems are jointly investigated with the institute INM-2, the Jülich Aachen Research Alliance JARA-HPC and in cooperation with the Aachen University of Applied Sciences.

Virtuelles Gehirn: 3D-Darstellung des menschlichen Gehirns mit direkter Interaktion durch den Betrachter

Virtual Brain

Virtual Brain - An interactive, three-dimensional representation of the human brain in cooperation with JARA-HPC.

Virtual Brain: Virtual Brain …

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