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Architektonik und Hirnfunktion

Architecture and Brain Function

The research group "Architecture and Brain Function" develops a three-dimensional brain atlas on the basis of cytoarchitectonic, molecular and functional data as well as connectivity.

AG Multimodale Bildverarbeitung

Fibre Architecture

The research group "Fibre Architecture" creates anatomically consinstent 3D volumes from multimodal image datasets, and develops methods for realtime interactive 3D visualization of such data.

Modellierung kortikaler Systeme

Brain Network Modeling

The integrated investigation of structure, function and connectivity enables a better understanding of the human brain organization.

AG Genomic Imaging

Genomic Imaging

The research group Genomic Imaging“ investigates the influence of genetic factors on the healthy and sick brain. The group aims to find out which structural and functional changes are caused by genetic variants and how they contribute to the development of neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases.