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Structural and functional organisation of the brain (INM-1)

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The brain is structurally and functionally heterogeneous in its organization, and shows a high interindividual variability. A three-dimensional model of the human brain, which reveals structural and functional organization principles on different scales in a multi-modal approach, is necessary to understand this complexity.

This model will not only help reveal the neurobiological basics of mental capacities, but will also enable characterization of their individual facets and underlying mechanisms.

Therefore, our Institute (Structural and Functional Organization of the Brain, INM-1) focusses on the development of a three-dimensional model of the human brain based on cyto- and receptor architectonic, genetic and functional data as well as on information regarding connectivity between different brain regions.

We take both architectonical and functional criteria into consideration in order to map the human cerebral cortex, subcortical nuclei and fiber tracts. The ensuing maps are made available to the scientific community (JuBrain cytoviewer, SPM toolbox). These maps are part of the HBP Human Brain Atlas.


Big Brain


The three-dimensional virtual brain is based on information from more than 7,400 tissue sections, each of them a mere 20 micrometres thick, that were obtained from a human brain. More: BigBrain …

Bild für JuBrain Webtool


Cytoarchitectonic maps in a three-dimensional atlas of the human brain. JuBrain: JuBrain …

Polarized Light Imaging (3D-PLI) – Hoch aufgelöste Bildgebung der Faserbahnanatomie des menschlichen Gehirns mit polarisiertem Licht

Fiber Architecture

3D-Polarized Light Imaging (3D-PLI) reveals the nerve fiber architecture of mammalian brains at microscopic scales in a unique way. More: Fiber Architecture …

SPM Anatomy toolbox: Zytoarchitektonische Wahrscheinlichkeitskarten zur Gegenüberstellung mit Ergebnissen aus der funktionellen-Bildgebung

SPM Anatomy toolbox

Combining probabilistic cytoarchitectonic maps and functional imaging data SPM Anatomy toolbox: SPM Anatomy toolbox …

Sprechen als komplexe Gehirnleistung

Neuroanatomy of Language

Linking ideas and words. Neuroanatomy of Language: Neuroanatomy of Language …