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Translational Research: TransFOR

The 9.4-T MR-PET completes the Jülich research platform "TransFOR" in terms of imaging techniques in brain research. The devices available in Jülich enable the direct transfer of basic findings to clinical application.

On the one hand, Jülich scientists aim to use their know-how to harmonise the function of the technical components of MRT and PET at these high field strengths. On the other hand, they will develop new methods of image formation and new contrast media: detailed tumour diagnosis, early detection of neurodegenerative diseases and further exploration of the brain functions down to the molecular level are only some of the goals.

Together with the pharmaceutical industry involved in research, drugs for the diagnosis and treatment of different neurological diseases can be specifically tested.

Nitrogen Refill

Since 2004, a 9.4-T MRT for animals has been in use at Forschungszentrum Jülich. Researchers use this device to test techniques in animal models for the 9.4-T MR-PET for humans. Methods are already being developed, for example, to understand the changes in the brain down to the level of individual cells after strokes and to better treat these malfunctions.