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Trimodal Imaging in one Session: FET-PET, MP-RAGE and DTI in Humans

PET imaging is well established for the diagnosis of brain tumours. Its metabolic specificity delivers valuable information about the malignancy and the extent of tumour tissue. Tumour growth forces the brain to reorganize itself to compensate for the lost areas. It has been shown that DTI is a valuable tool to demonstrate the plasticity of the brain and it therefore offers information about the reorganization caused by tumour growth as well as surgical intervention. The acquisition of trimodal PET, MP-RAGE and DTI data on an MR-PET hybrid scanner, capable of simultaneous MR and PET, to investigate plasticity and reorganisation in human brain tumours is demonstrated.

Trimodal imaging in one session: FET-PET, MP-RAGE and DTI in humans

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Prof. N. Jon Shah, PhD

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