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Human Brain Project Summit 2013, Lausanne, Switzerland

07 Oct 2013 09:00
10 Oct 2013 18:00

The 2013 Human Brain Project Summit is the project's inauguration event. The summit will bring together the top scientists from all over the world to plan the project's work for the next ten years.

The convergence between biology and ICT has reached a point at which it can turn the goal of understanding the human brain into a reality. It is this realization that motivates the Human Brain Project – an EU Flagship initiative in which over 80 partners will work together to realize a new "ICT-accelerated" vision for brain research and its applications.

This year will be the Human Brain Project's official kick-off as a Flagship project of the European Union. In addition to meeting of scientists from the HBP's 80+ partner institutions, the programme will include the first meeting of the HBP General Assembly, an international media event, an open-doors poster session for students, researchers, journalists and members of the general public, and a special dinner to celebrate the start of the HBP's 10-year enterprise.

See this link to the Human Brain Project Summit 2013 link for more details.