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Talk by Assistant Professor Christiaan de Kock

Department of Integrative Neurophysiology, Center for Neurogenomics and Cognitive Research (CNCR), VU University Amsterdam

22 Oct 2012 11:00
22 Oct 2012 11:45
INM-6, Bldg. 15.22, Seminar Room 3009, 1. OG

The cortical column in somatosensory cortex: from in vivo experiments to large-scale modeling

Our cortices contain numerous copies of the elementary building block, commonly referred to as: "the cortical column". The cortical column consists of many different cell-types, characterized by distinct dendritic branching patterns, different inputs, and precise output projections. At present however, little is known on the function of individual cell-types across cortical layers during information processing. To understand how different cortical layers and cell-types contribute to behavior, my lab uses a unique combination of single cell electrophysiology in vivo, behavioral monitoring and post-hoc reconstruction of recorded neurons to reveal the structure and activity of individual cell-types across different behavioral conditions. In my presentation, I will explain our approach, experimental outcomes and potential applications for large-scale network modeling.