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Talk by José M. Peña

CeSViMa Supercomputing Center Universidad Politécnca de Madrid, Spain

11 Jul 2012 14:00
11 Jul 2012 15:00
INM-6, Bldg. 15.22, Seminar Room 3009, 1. OG

Soft Computing Methods in the Context of Image Processing and Multi-Scale Simulation in Neuroscience

Computational neuroscience is a challenging field in which multiple disciplines collaborate in the improvement of our knowledge of the brain and its function. The main aspect in which this field differentiates from experimental neuroscience is in the use of computational-based techniques, to either gather or interpret experimental data.


This talk presents the active research line in the use of soft computing techniques (data mining, machine learning and optimization techniques) in there different applied contributions:


• Combined soft computing and image processing techniques in the segmentation and labeling of microscopy data (for both light and electron microscopy).

• Multi-scale simulation: (i) molecular dynamics to signal transmission models, (ii) neurite growing simulation, and (iii) mechanical-electrophysiological coupling,

• Interactive visual analytics and exploratory data navigation (for either neuroanatomical or clinical information).