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Talk by Prof. John Hertz

Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark

& NORDITA,Stockholm,Sweden

10 Dec 2013 13:30
10 Dec 2013 14:30
INM-6, Bldg. 15.22, Seminar Room 3009, 1. OG

Network inference with hidden units

I will present results, obtained in collaboration with Yasser Roudi, Benjamin Dunn, Joanna Tyrcha, and Stojan Jovanovic, on our recently-developed mean-field approaches to the problem of inferring the connections in a stochastic dynamical network with hidden units. This task involves solving an auxiliary statistical-mechanical problem with interactions of all orders between the spins representing the hidden units. I will describe two ways to treat this problem, one in the spin representation and the other in terms of continuous variables. The two approaches lead to the same results when fluctuation effects are properly accounted for. Numerical simulations confirm the effectiveness of the methods.