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Selected Publications

  • Quaglio P, Yegenoglu A, Torre E, Endres DM, Grün S. Detection and Evaluation of Spatio-Temporal Spike Patterns in Massively Parallel Spike Train Data with SPADE Methods, Front. Comput. Neurosci. (in press)
  • Denker M, Zehl L, Kilavik B, Diesmann M, Brochier T, Riehle A, Grün S.LFP beta amplitude is predictive of mesoscopic spatio-temporal phase patterns Submitted to as arXiv:1703.09488
  • Ito J, Yamane Y, Suzuki M, Maldonada P, Fukita I, Tamura H, Grün S. Switch from ambient to focal processing mode explains the dynamics of free viewing eye movements. Scientific Reports 7, Art. No. 1082 (2017). doi:10.1038/s41598-017-01076-w
  • Senk J, Yegenoglu A, Amblet O, Brukau Y, Davison A, Roland Lester D, Lührs A, Quaglio P, Rostami V, Rowley A, Schuller B, Barry Stokes A, van Albada SJ, Zielasko D, Diesmann M, Weyers B, Denker M, Grün S (2017)A Collaborative Simulation-Analysis Workflow for Computational Neuroscience Using HPCin: Di Napoli E, Hermanns MA, Iliev H, Lindemann A, Peyser A (eds) High- Performance Scientific Computing, JHPCS 2016. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 10164, pp. 243-256. Springer, Cham. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-53862-4_21
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Technical Reports

  • Badia R, Davison A, Denker M, Giesler A, Gosh S, Goble C, Grewe J, Grün S, Hatsopoulos N, LeFranc Y, Muller J, Pröpper R, Teeters J, Wachtler T, Weeks M and Zehl L (2015) INCF Program on Standards for data sharing: new perspectives on workflows and data management for the analysis of electrophysiological data. International Neuroinformatics Coordination Facility (INCF)
  • Denker, M and Einevoll, ET and Franke, F and Grün, S and Hagen, E and Kerr, J and Nawrot, M and Ness, TB and Ritz, R and Smith, L and Wachtler, T and Wojcik, D (2014) 1st INCF workshop on validation of analysis methods. International Neuroinformatics Coordination Facility (INCF)