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Selected publications

  • Grytskyy D, Diesmann M, Helias M (2016) Reaction-diffusion-like formalism for plastic neural networks reveals dissipative solitons at criticality Physical Review E 93, 062303. DOI:10.1103/PhysRevE.93.062303
  • Torre E, Canova C, Denker M, Gerstein GL, Helias M, Grün S. (2016) ASSET: Analysis of sequences of synchronous events in massively parallel spike trains. PloS Computational Biology [in press]
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  • Steinmetz T, Helias M, Wimmer G, Fichte L O, Clemens M (2006) Quasistatic Electric Field Computations with Discrete Electromagnetism Formulations IEEE Trans. Magn. 42(4):755-758