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  • Morrison A, Aertsen A, Diesmann M (2007) Spike-time dependent plasticity in balanced recurrent networks Neural Computation 19: 1437 1467 in 2008 among top downloads from NECO
  • Morrison A, Straube S, Plesser H E, Diesmann M (2007) Exact subthreshold integration with continuous spike times in discrete time neural network simulations Neural Computation 19: 47-79
  • Plesser H E, Eppler J M, Morrison A, Diesmann M, Gewaltig M-O (2007) Efficient Parallel Simulation of Large-Scale Neuronal Networks on Clusters of Multiprocessor Computers Euro-Par 2007, Proceedings of the 13th International Euro-Par Conference, LCNS vol. 4641 p. 672-681. Springer
  • Brette R et al. incl. AM Simulation of networks of spiking neurons: A review of tools and strategies (2007) Journal of Computational Neuroscience 23(3): 349-398
  • Guerrero-Rivera R, Morrison A, Diesmann M, Pearce, T C (2006) Programmable Logic Construction Kits for Hyper Real-time Neuronal Modeling Neural Computation 18:2651--2679
  • Morrison A, Mehring C, Geisel T, Aertsen A, Diesmann M (2005) Advancing the boundaries of high connectivity network simulation with distributed computing Neural Computation 17(8):1776--1801
  • Tetzlaff T, Morrison A, Geisel, T, and Diesmann M (2004) Consequences of Realistic Network Size on the Stability of Embedded Synfire Chains Neurocomputing 58--60:117--121



  • Gewaltig M-O, Diesmann M, Morrison A, Plesser H E The Computer Science of Neural Systems Simulation Springer, Lecture notes in computer science (in preparation)