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Peer-reviewed articles:
  • Yousaf M., Wyller J., Tetzlaff T., Einevoll G.T. (2012), Effect of localized input on bump solutions in a two-population neural-field model, Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications (in press), doi:10.1016/j.nonrwa.2012.08.013 www
  • Tetzlaff T., Helias M., Einevoll G.T., Diesmann M. (2012), Decorrelation of neural-network activity by inhibitory feedback, PLoS Comp Biol 8(8):e1002596, doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1002596 www
  • (preprint with high-quality figures)
  • Lindén H., Tetzlaff T., Potjans T.C., Pettersen K.H., Grün S., Diesmann M., Einevoll G.T. (2011), Modeling the spatial reach of the LFP, Neuron 72(5):859-872, doi:10.1016/j.neuron.2011.11.006 www
  • Oleynik A., Wyller J., Tetzlaff T., Einevoll G.T. (2011), Stability of bumps in a two-population neural field model with quasi-power temporal kernels, Nonlinear Analysis: Real World applications 12:3073-3094 www
  • Nordlie E., Tetzlaff T., Einevoll G.T. (2010), Rate dynamics of leaky integrate-and-fire neurons with strong synapses, Front. Comput. Neurosci. 4:149, doi:10.3389/fncom.2010.00149www
  • Boucsein C., Tetzlaff T., Meier R., Aertsen A., Naundorf B. (2009), Dynamical response properties of neocortical neuron ensembles: multiplicative versus additive noise, Journal of Neuroscience 29(4):1006-1010www
  • Tetzlaff T., Rotter S., Stark E., Abeles M., Aertsen A., Diesmann M. (2008), Dependence of neuronal correlations on filter characteristics and marginal spike-train statistics, Neural Computation 20(9): 2133-2184www
  • Kriener B., Tetzlaff T., Aertsen A., Diesmann M., Rotter S. (2008), Correlations and population dynamics in cortical networks, Neural Computation 20(9):2185-2226www
  • Tetzlaff T., Morrison A., Geisel T., Diesmann M. (2004), Consequences of Realistic Network Size on the Stability of Embedded Synfire Chains, Neurocomputing 58-60:117-121www
  • Tetzlaff T., Buschermöhle M., Geisel T., Diesmann M. (2003), The spread of rate and correlation in stationary cortical networks, Neurocomputing 52-54:949-954www
  • Tetzlaff T., Geisel T., Diesmann M. (2002), The Ground State of Cortical Feed-Forward Networks, Neurocomputing 44-46:673-678www
Book chapters:
  • Einevoll G.T., Lindén H., Tetzlaff T., Łęski S., Pettersen K. (2012), Local field potentials: biophysical origin and analysis, in Quiroga & Panzeri (ed.), Principles of Neural Coding, Taylor & Francis, ISBN: 9781439853306 (in press)
  • Tetzlaff T., Diesmann M. (2010), Dependence of spike-count correlations on spike-train statistics and observation time-scale, in Grün S. and Rotter S. (ed.), Analysis of parallel spike trains, Springer, Berlin, ISBN: 9781441956743www
  • PhD thesis (2007):Correlation dynamics in cortical networks,Faculty of Biology, Albert-Ludwigs University Freiburgpdf
  • Diploma thesis (2002):Asynchrone Anregung raum-zeitlicher Spike-Muster in kortikalen Netzwerken,Institute of Nonlinear Dynamics, Georg-August University Göttingenpdf

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