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    • Torre E, Canova C, Denker M, Gerstein GL, Helias M, Grün S. (2016) ASSET: Analysis of sequences of synchronous events in massively parallel spike trains. PloS Computational Biology [in press]
    • Stingl Kr, Rogic M, Stingl Ka, Canova C, Tschritter O, Braun C, Fritsche A and Preissl H (2010) The temporal sequence of magnetic brain activity for food categorization and memorization — an exploratory study. NeuroImage, Volume 52, Issue 4, 1584-1591
    • Frank S, Laharnar N, Kullmann S, Veit R, Canova C, Li-Hegner Y, Fritsche A and Preissl H. (2010) Processing of food pictures: Influence of hunger, gender and calorie content. Brain Research, Volume 1350, 159-166
    • Guthoff M, Grichisch Y, Canova C, Tschritter O, Veit R, Hallschmid M, Häring H-U, Preissl H, Hennige A M, and Fritsche A (2010) Insulin Modulates Food-Related Activity in the Central Nervous System. J. Clin. Enocrinol. Metab., Volume 95, 748-755

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