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Desynchronizing anti-resonance effect of the m : n ON-OFF coordinated reset Stimulation

B. Lysyansky, O.P. Popovych, P.A. Tass

This computational study is devoted to the optimal parameter calibration for coordinated reset (CR) stimulation, a stimulation technique suggested for an effective desynchronization of pathological neuronal synchronization. We present a detailed study of the parameter space of
the CR stimulation method and show that CR stimulation can induce cluster states, desynchronization and oscillation death. The stimulation-induced cluster states (at CR offset) cause the longest desynchronizing post-stimulus transients, which constitute an essential part of the CR stimulation effect. We discover a desynchronization-related anti-resonance response of the stimulated oscillators induced by a periodic ON–OFF CR stimulation protocol with m cycles ON stimulation followed by n cycles OFF stimulation. The undesired collective oscillations are effectively desynchronized if the stimulation is administered at resonant frequencies of the controlled ensemble, which is in complete contrast to the typical effect of the usual periodic forcing.