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Imaging Data Analysis

We combine latest imaging data analysis tools into advanced pipelines and toolboxes to optimize modality-specific data processing and cross-modal comparability.

Data from 1000 brains studyData from the Jülich based 1000 brains study, the NKI-Rockland Sample and the Human Connectome Project is prepared to enable multimodal analysis of brain behaviour relationships and brain parcellation.

Sophisticated processing and analysis of MRI data of the brain in vivo is an essential prerequisite of the research conducted in the INM-7. We have extensive experience of multimodal MRI processing and statistical analysis in very large data sets. To this end we collaborate with the Jülich Supercomputing Centre (JSC) to deploy our data processing pipelines and analysis workflows on HPC systems like JURECA.
Structural T1 weighted images, functional EPI data and diffusion weighted images are processed in a standardized way using mainly SPM and FSL.









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