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Parkinson's disease is one of the most common diseases of the nervous system. In Germany there are approximately 250.000 to 400.000 sufferers. In PD, due to a loss of neurons in the substantia nigra (mesencephalon), the deficiency of dopamine leads to pathological synchronisation of neuronal activity in the thalamus and basal ganglia. Affected neurons cannot process information unimpededly, leading to bradykinesia, or even akinesia of the patient along with muscular rigor, tremor and/ or postural instability. More: Parkinson …

Picture of the topic "Tinnitus"


Millions of people suffer from subjective tinnitus, i.e. the perception of noise without an objective sound source in or out of the body. Tinnitus is a widespread disease; one percent of the population has a significantly lowered quality of life by tinnitus and is in need of therapy. Typically tinnitus has a clear electrophysiological basis: Pathological neuronal synchronization in the brain leads to the tinnitus percept. More: Tinnitus …