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Papers in refereed Journals

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Tutorial/Review Papers and Contributions to Books

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Papers in refereed Conference Proceedings

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Device for visual stimulation, has control unit and stimulation unit with majority of stimulation elements, which produce visual stimulation signals, where stimulation elements put back phase of neural activity of neurons, Patent Number(s): EP2098261-A2; DE102008012669-A1; WO2009109179-A1

Rhythm generator i.e. central pattern generator, normal function mode re-establishment device for treating patient e.g. human patient, after cerebrovascular accident, has stimulation units for stimulating majority of neuron formation, Patent Number(s): DE102007051848- A1; WO2009056106-A1

Neural brain activity desynchronizing method for curing diseases involves stimulating brain area by electrode which results in desynchronization of targeted neuron population while symptoms are suppressed, Patent Number(s): WO2005115537-A1; DE102004025945-A1

Desynchronization of neuronal brain activity for the treatment of neuronal illnesses by measurement of neuronal activity and then generation of electrode stimulation signals based on the measured activity, Patent Number(s): WO2005053787-A1; DE10355652-A1