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Journalism and scientific uncertainty

The project investigates how journalism constructs certainty or uncertainty of scientific expertise for the media audience in the reporting on neuroscience – given the fragility, controversial character and need for interpretation of the neuroscientific knowledge.

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Research Consortium Research and Dementia

The proposed consortium is designed as an interdisciplinary research network, devoted to a comprehensive assessment of the human person in dementia. It shall provide a deepened understanding of dementia and thus enable an improved individual as well as societal reaction to its challenges.

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Neurosciences in German and US Mass Media

The project investigates the possible steering effects of public communication on neuroscientific research. To this end, we are analysing the portrayal of neuroscientific research in the mass media, especially with regard to the compatibility or incompatibility of research with society's expectations, which may be manifested in the moral assessment of research or the resulting medical and potential non-medical applications.

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Science and News Media

The project studies the interface between academia and the media in 16 selected areas of research. For the study, we interview scientists and journalists and analyse media coverage in these areas. In addition, we study the science PR in the selected research fields.

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