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Neutron Scattering

We investigate structure and dynamics of soft matter using neutrons, develop neutron scattering instruments and make them available to external researchers in the JCNS.

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Scattering Methods

We develop and use scattering techniques to understand the structural and magnetic order, fluctuations and excitations in magnetic systems and in highly correlated electron systems at the atomic level.

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Instrument KWS-1

Instrument Status Reports

Here you find the electronic (PDF) versions of the recent instrument reports of Jülich Centre for Neutron Science.

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LabCourse Guide

From our Research

Here you can find our recent annual report  2009 – 2011, scientific highlights from experiments at the instruments and JCNS experimental reports as pdf-files

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Here you find all JCNS publications in journals and books, talks and posters listed by year.

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