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JCNS Workshop 2008

15-17 October 2008 . München - Germany

"Modern Trends in Neutron Scattering Instrumentation"



Neutron scattering is a well established and dedicated method to analyze structure and dynamic in all areas of condensed matter research. Due to the different interaction of neutrons with atomic nuclei neutron scattering probes structure complementary to x-ray scattering and allows in particular to study the position of light elements as hydrogen in matter. The neutron magnetic moment makes neutrons a unique tool in studying magnetism and magnetic structure. The movement of atoms and molecules are probed by inelastic neutron scattering over large dynamic range complementary with NMR, inelastic x-ray scattering and x-ray photocorrelation spectroscopy.

The benefit of neutrons in physics, chemistry and biology is strongly related to the availability and development of adequate instrumentation for the scientific community. The performance of neutron spectrometers and diffractometers has made continuous and tremendous progress within recent decades. By the construction and availability of new neutron sources worldwide, in particular new accelerator based spallation neutron sources, new and improved instruments will become available to further exploit the capabilities of neutron scattering in science.

In order to review and discuss current and future trends and applications in neutron scattering instrumenation by world leading experts in corresponding fields and interested scientists, an international workshop will be organized by the Jülich Center for Neutron Science in between Oct. 15 - 15 2008.

Topics to be included will be

  • novel concepts in time-of-flight applications in neutron spectrometers
  • high resolution neutron spectrometers (back scattering, NSE)
  • instrumentation for large scale structure studies and structured interfaces (SANS, GISANS, reflectometry)
  • status and applications of neutron polarization and polarization analysis
  • new horizons for neutron diffraction and spectrometry
  • Larmor labelling techniques

The workshop will be organized by a local organizing comittee and will consist of invited and submitted oral and poster contributions.

Download workshop  Poster (PDF, 302 kB)