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Beam time at ILL

News of the new round of proposals!

Proposals for the deadline on

04 March 2016

can be submitted via the ILL Visitors Club, where you will find the following links:

JCNS Proposal submission IN12 (CRG time)

JCNS Proposal submission IN22 (CRG time)

If you are new to ILL, please register as a new member, which will give you access to the proposal system.



At the Institute Laue Langevin, JCNS offers access to three instruments:

IN12Cold Neutron Three Axis Spectrometer
IN22*Thermal Neutron Three Axis Spectrometer
D23*Thermal Neutron Two Axis Diffractometer

Detailed instructions on the important steps to be followed prior to and after the experiments are explained on the relevant internet pages:

Getting beam time

Information on planning your experiment, writing a good proposal, and a description of the review process is available here.

Access to ILL

All you need to know before you visit the ILL can be found on this ILL webpage.


An experimental report is requested not later than two months after the experiment ends. The experiment report form and more information is available here.


JCNS funds are available to cover travel, accommodation and subsistence costs for users from German universities. Find out more here.


Please find all the relevant application forms here.