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Dr. Gerald J.Schneider

Two Recent Examples:

(1) Unified description of the viscoelastic and dielectric global chain motion

      (Macromolecules 2011, 44, 7430–7437)




(a) Loss modulus of entangled polymer melts obtained by oscillatory rheology experiments.

(b) Dielectric loss of the same entangled polymer melts measured by broadband dielectric spectroscopy.

The lines depict a joint description of the rheology and dielectric data sets based on the tube model. It provides

  • Improved understanding of experimental results
  • Advanced analysis of soft matter samples 



(2) Microscopic origin of the terminal relaxation time of polymers in nanocomposites

      (Soft Matter, 2011, 7, 7988)




(a) Coherent intermediate scattering function obtained by neutron spin echo spectroscopy on soft matter nanocomposite for different particle fractions and one selected scattering angle. It demonstrates, the confining geometry increases the plateau level.


(b) Loss modulus obtained by oscillatory rheology. Because of the addition of nanoparticles, the terminal relaxation time, related to the peak position, increases.

The inset in (a) demonstrates that the macroscopic terminal relaxation time in nanocomposites is determined by the confinement size imposed by the particles.