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Ongoing Ph.D., Diploma, Bachelor and Master Theses

Prof. Dr. Thomas Brückel


  1. Feng, Erxi
    Neutron scattering studies of emergent quantum phenomena in exotic condensed matter: from unconventional superconductors to quantum spin liquids
    Ph.D. Thesis, since September 2013

  2. Wang, Liming
    Fabrication and characterization of self-assembled nanoparticle arrays
    Ph.D. Thesis, since October 2013


  3. Cronert, Tobias
    Qualifikation eines hochbrillanten Moderators für kalte Neutronen
    Ph.D. Thesis, since August 2014

  4. Cao, Lei
    Study of the magnetic and structural properties of magnetic oxide nanoparticles and thin films
    Ph.D. Thesis, since October 2014


  5. Biniskos, Nikolaos
    Inelastic neutron scattering on magnetocaloric compounds
    Ph.D. Thesis, since March 2015

  6. Pecanha Antonio, Viviane
    Neutron Scattering Studies of Novel Magnetic Phases in Quantum Condensed Matter
    Ph.D. Thesis, since May 2015

  7. Ji, Wenhai
    Spin structure in magnetic nanoparticles and magnetic nanostructures
    Ph.D. Thesis, since September 2015

  8. Smik, Michael
    Magnetische Eigenschaften von superkristallinen 3d Nanopartikel-Anordnungen
    Ph.D. Thesis, since November 2015


  9. Hammouda, Sabreen
    Tuning Spin and Charge Order in Geometrically Frustrated Rare Earth Ferrites
    Ph.D. Thesis, since February 2016

  10. Qdemat, Asmaa (née Alhroob)
    Magnetic configurations of highly ordered arrangements of magnetic nanoparticles
    Ph.D. Thesis, since February 2016

  11. Herrmann, Markus
    Vibrational properties and the role of temperature and pressure in chalcogenides
    Ph.D. Thesis, since April 2016

  12. Doege, Paul-Emmanuel
    Konstruktion und Auslegung eines Ionen-Targetsystems als Kernkomponente einer zukünftigen hochbrillanten Neutronenquelle
    Ph.D. Thesis, since August 2016

  13. Wang, Xiao
    Single Crystal Growth and Neutron Scattering Studies of Quantum Materials
    Ph.D. Thesis, since September 2016

  14. Cattaneo, Mauricio
    Monte-Carlo-Simulationen der Spinstruktur von magnetischen Nanopartikeln
    Master Thesis, since November 2016


  15. Stellhorn, Annika
    Wechselwirkung zwischen Ferromagneten - Supraleiter Dünnschichten
    Ph.D. Thesis, since March 2017

  16. Schöffmann, Patrick
    Künstliche Multiferroica durch Heterostrukturen aus SrCoOx und ferroelektrischen Substraten
    Ph.D. Thesis, since June 2017

  17. Ilic, Zeljko
    Optimization and Characterization in the FaNGas facility at MLZ and its application to chemical analysis of large samples
    Ph.D. Thesis, since June 2017

  18. Ait Haddouch, Mohammed
    Spin-Lattice Coupling in Magnetocaloric Materials
    Ph.D. Thesis, since June 2017

  19. Maraytta, Nour
    Neutron and Synchrotron Radiation Measurements on Materials for Magnetocaloric Cooling
    Ph.D. Thesis, since September 2017

  20. Bhatnagar, Tanvi
    Atomically resolved magnetism in oxide heterostructures
    Ph.D. Thesis, since October 2017

  21. Rodrigo, Rebecca
    Präparation und Charakterisierung von Eisenoxid-Nanopartikel-Monolagen
    Bachelor Thesis, since December 2017