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Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Raphaël Hermann, Prof.

1991 - 1995
1995 - 1998
Studies: Physics at University of Liège
Philosophy at University of Liège
Diploma: in Physics (The Concept of Time in Physics)
in Philosophy (The Aristotelian Elaboration of the Concept of Time)
1999 - 2004Ph. D.: University of Liège
(A Neutron Scattering and Mössbauer Spectral Study of Thermoelectric and Magnetic Materials)
2004 - 2005Postdoctoral: Research Scholar. The University of Tennessee
2005 - 2006Postdoctoral: Assistant. University of Liège
2006 - 2008Scientist: IFF-4 Streumethoden
2008 - todayJunior Group Leader: "Lattice Dynamics in Emerging Functional Materials"
Helmholtz-Investigator Group within the IFF-4 Streumethoden
2009Invited Professor, Faculty of Sciences, University of Liège, Belgium
Activities in the scientific community, honors, awards
2007"Prix des Amis de l'Université de Liège"
for research on the guest dynamics in filled clathrates.