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02.12.2016 PGI Kolloquium: Prof. Dr. William Chueh, Stanford University, USA
16.12.2016 PGI Kolloquium: Prof. Dr. Ulrike Diebold, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
13.01.2017 PGI Kolloquium: Prof. Dr. Peter Strasser, Technical University of Berlin, Germany
20.01.2017 PGI Kolloquium: Prof. Dr. Claudia Draxl, HU Berlin University, Germany
10.02.2017 PGI Kolloquium: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Höfer, University of Marburg, Germany
27.03.2017 - 07.04.2017 48th IFF Spring School - Topological Matter - Topological Insulators, Skyrmions and Majoranas
30.04.2017 - 04.05.2017 PICO 2017

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25.11.2016 PGI Kolloquium: Prof. Dr. Jonathan Finley, Technical University of Munich, Germany  
18.11.2016 PGI Kolloquium: Prof. Dr. Nicola Marzari, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland  
28.10.2016 PGI Kolloquium: Prof. Dr. Michael Köhl, University of Bonn, Germany  
21.10.2016 PGI Kolloquium: Prof. Dr. Andrew Boothroyd, University of Oxford, United Kingdom  
21.10.2016 PGI-9 Seminar: Thomas Schmidt
21.10.2016 PGI-9 Seminar: Thomas Schmidt
07.10.2016 JuSPARC Colloquium: Radiation Pressure Acceleration of Ions
07.10.2016 PGI Strategy Colloquium: Prof. Dr. Tommaso Calarco, Ulm University, Germany
29.09.2016 - 30.09.2016 HBS Workshop
21.09.2016 - 23.09.2016 Charge transport at surfaces and nanostructures with multi-probe techniques