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EU-JAPAN Workshop 2016


18-30 September 2016
Peter Grünberg Institute, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany

Book of Abstracts

Here you can download the workshop abstracts.

Workshop Agenda 

Sunday, 9/18/2016Get Together in Jülich Town Centre
Monday, 9/19/2016
09:30-12:30New Superconductors (Electron-Phonon Interactions and Others)
Discussion Leader: H. Katayama-Yoshida (Osaka)
M. Eremets (Max Planck)
- High temperature conventional superconductivity
R. Arita (RIKEN)
- First-principles study on high-Tc superconductivity in sulfur hydrides under high pressure
T. Ishikawa (Osaka)
- First-principles study on superconductivity in hydrogen compounds under high-pressure
14:00-17:00New Methodology for Computational Materials Design I
Discussion Leader: T. Ono (Tsukuba)
T. Kotani (Tottori)
- Applications of the quasiparticle self-consistent GW method
J. Enkovaara (CSC, Finland)
- GPAW: versatile tool for electronic structure calculations
R. Zeller (Jülich)
- Large-scale DFT: prospects and challenges
Tuesday, 9/20/2016
09:30-12:00Topotronics I
Discussion Leader: Yuriy Mokrousov (Jülich)
T. Koretsune (RIKEN)
- First-principles study of Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction
S. Murakami (TIT)
- Interplay between topology and symmetry in topological insulators/semimetals
M. Wegewijs (Jülich)
- Geometric phases in open quantum systems: interaction-induced pumping curvature
14:00-17:00Topotronics II
Discussion Leader: S. Blügel (Jülich)
L. Plucinski (Jülich)
- Band structure engineering of 3D topological insulators
I. Aguilera (Jülich)
- Surfaces and interfaces of topological insulators.
What can we learn from relativistic many-body calculations?
Ph. Rüßmann (Jülich)
- Tuning time-reversal scattering for topologically protected surface state electrons off atomic size defects
Wednesday, 9/21/2016
09:30-12:30Spintronics I (Magnetic Semiconductors, p-d vs. Double Exchange)
Discussion Leader: H. Akai (Tokyo)

M. Tanaka (Tokyo)
- Recent progress in ferromagnetic semiconductors and heterostructures: control of ferromagnetism by material growth and wavefunction engineering
F. Matsukura (Tohoku)
- Properties of ferromagnetic semiconductors and their spintronics functionalities
Y. Miura (KIT)
- Electric field dependence of magnetic damping constant of Fe surface and interface
14:00-16:00Spintronics II (Topological Spintronics)
Discussion Leader: M. Shirai (Tohoku)
S. Blügel (Jülich)
-Topological spin textures at metal surfaces
Y. Mokrousov (Jülich)
- Ab-initio theory of complex magnets: from spin Hall effect to orbital magnetism
Thursday, 9/22/2016
09:30-12:30Spintronics III (Magnetization Control by Electric Field)
Discussion Leader: Y. Miura (KIT)
S. Miwa (Osaka)
- Voltage control of interfacial magnetic anisotropy at metal/dielectric interface
K. Nakamura (Mie)
- Modification of symmetric and asymmetric exchange stiffnesses in transition-metal thin films by external electric field
Bertrand Dupé (Mainz)
- Direct and indirect magnetoelectric effects at surfaces
14:00-17:00Spintronics IV (Spinodal Nanotechnology, Macroscopic Spin Qubits by Quantum Annealing)
Discussion Leader: G. Mussler (Jülich)
H. Katayama-Yoshida (Osaka)
- Spinodal nanotechnology as a new class of bottom-up nanotechnology
A. Bonanni (Linz)
- Spinodal nanodecomposition, spin-orbitronics and piezoelectro magnetization effects in III-nitride semiconductors
S. Kuroda (Tsukuba)
- Origin of ferromagnetism in II-VI magnetic semiconductors doped with transition metals
Friday, 9/23/2016
9:30-12:30Moltronics I
Discussion Leader: B. Sanyal (Uppsala)
H. Wende (Duisburg)
- New molecular-based spin-hybrid systems utilizing the interaction with surfaces
Heike Herper (Uppsala)
- How ligands and adlayers can be used to tailor the magnetic properties of paramagnetic molecules on metallic surfaces
N. Atodiresei (Jülich)
- Organic-metal hybrid interfaces
14:00-16:00Moltronics II
Discussion Leader: B. Sanyal (Uppsala)
T. Ohto (Osaka)
- First-Principles Calculation for Electronic Transport in Molecular Junctions
S. Tsukamoto (Jülich)
- Development of Electron Transport Calculation Method based on Real-Space Finite-Difference Formalism and its Application to Molecular Electronics
Saturday, 9/24/2016 Free Day, if you like, go to hiking
9/25/2016 (Sun): Holiday
Monday, 9/26/2016
9:30-12:30Spintronics V (Magnetization Dynamics)
Discussion Leader: O. Eriksson (Uppsala)
J. I. Azpiroz (Jülich)
- Zero-point spin-fluctuations within density functional theory and their effect on the magnetic stability
J. C. Carpio (Uppsala)
- Dynamics of magnetic textures, an atomistic perspective
N. Kiselev (Jülich)
- Surface effects in chiral magnets
14:00-16:00Spintronics VI (Magnetisation Dynamics of Skyrmions)
Discussion Leader: O. Eriksson (Uppsala)
O. Eriksson (Uppsala; Overview)
- Theory of electronic structure, magnetism and spectroscopy
K. Koumporas (Uppsala)
- Manipulation of low-dimensional magnetic structures (skyrmions, solitons) with spin transfer torques and observation of skyrmions in Heusler alloys
Tuesday, 9/27/2016
09:30-12:30Spintronics VII (Spinodal Nanotechnology, Magnetic Semiconductors)
Discussion Leader: H. Akai (Tokyo)
T. Oda (Kanazawa)
- Magnetic anisotropy and its electric-field-induced variation in the nano-structures toward a computational modeling of magnetic device
K. Sato (Osaka)
- Separated impurity band vs merged impurity band in GaMnAs and InMnAs
M. Dos Santos Dias (Jülich)
- Topological orbital magnetic moments
14:00-17:00New Methodology for Computational Materials Design II
Discussion Leader: D. Wortmann (Jülich)
I. Hamada (NIMS)
- Towards accurate electronic structure calculations of complex systems
T. Nishimatsu (Tohoku)
- Molecular dynamics simulations of ferroelectrics
K. Rushchanskii (Jülich)
- Ferroelectric switching in multiferroic Ga0.5Fe1.5O3 and ε-Fe2O3
Wednesday, 9/28/2016 (30+15 min talks)
09:30-12:30Spintronics VIII (Permanent Magnet Materials)
Discussion Leader: T. Oda (Kanazawa)
H. Akai (Tokyo)
- f-states and magnetic anisotropy of rare-earth magnets
Alexander Edström (Uppsala)
- Large magnetocrystalline anisotropy of 3d-based magnets combined with 5d elements
T. Miyake (AIST)
- Magnetism of iron-based neodymium compounds
Y. Gohda (TIT)
- Effects of additive elements at Nd-Fe-B microstructure interfaces
14:00-16:00Large inhomogeneous systems (High entropy alloys, Phase Change Memory)
Discussion Leader: P. H. Dederichs (Jülich)
T. Fukushima (Osaka)
- Theoretical study of transition metal-doped Ge2Sb2Te5 by screened Korringa-Kohn-Rostoker Green’s function method
R. Mazzarello (RWTH-AC)
- First-principles simulations of phase-change materials
Thursday, 9/29/2016
9:30-12:30Materials Exploration
Discussion Leader: T. Oguchi (Osaka)
H. Momida (Osaka)
- Computational exploration of piezoelectric wurtzite materials
T. Yamashita (NIMS)
- Search for rare-earth magnet materials based on crystal structure predictions
H. Fujii (NIMS)
- First principles calculations and machine learning of magnetic properties
Friday, 9/30/2016
09:30-11:30Nano-fabrication and Crystal Growth
Discussion Leader: T. Fukushima (Osaka)
A. Masago (Osaka)
- Nano-fabrication and Crystal Growth on Eu-doped GaN
H. Shinya (Osaka)
- Computational materials design of high efficient thermoelectric materials
14:00-16:00Wrap-up Session
Discussion Leader: H. Katayama-Yoshida (Osaka)
Each discussion leader of the Session presents 10 min Talk and 10 min Discussions.