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49th IFF Spring School

Physics of Life

26 February – 09 March 2018 in Jülich, Germany

50th IFF Spring School
Scattering! Soft, Functional and Quantum Materials
11 - 22 March 2019

Registration open: 05 November 2018 - 10 January 2019


 Spring School Lecture Slides 2018

The lecturers at this year's Spring School have kindly made their slide presentations available for download. The files are password protected and are intended ONLY for use by Spring School students.


Methods: A1-A10

S. Egelhaaf
A1 Optical microscopy/superresolution
 Download pdf (PDF, 13 MB)
C. Sachse
A2 Electron Microscopy
 Download pdf (PDF, 4 MB)
J. Dhont
A3 Fluorescence Methods
 Download pdf (PDF, 7 MB)
R. Zorn
A4 Scattering
 Download pdf (PDF, 8 MB)
T. Schrader
A5 Macromolecular Crystallography
 Download pdf (PDF, 10 MB)
S. Förster
A6 Neutron Imaging
 Download pdf (PDF, 3 MB)
Ph. Neudecker
 Download pdf (PDF, 10 MB)
P. Kollmannsberger
A8 Computational Image Analysis
 Download pdf (PDF, 3 MB)
G. Schröder
A9 Integrative Structural Biology

M. Ripoll

A10 Simulations

 Download pdf (PDF, 14 MB)

Molecules: B1-B8

J. Fitter / A. Stadler
B1 Protein folding
 Download pdf (PDF, 11 MB)
R. Biehl
B2 Protein dynamics
 Download pdf (PDF, 14 MB)
G. Nägele
B3 Protein aggregation
 Download pdf (PDF, 18 MB)
Jan-P. Machtens
B4 Channels and pumps
 Download pdf (PDF, 29 MB)
H. Schiessel
B5 DNA and chromatin
 Download pdf (PDF, 16 MB)
A. Baumann
 Download pdf (PDF, 3 MB)
B. Strodel
B7 Amyloid aggregation
 Download pdf (PDF, 6 MB)
V. Gordeliy
B8 Optogenetics
 Download pdf (PDF, 5 MB)
F. Simmel
B9 Synthetic Biology

Membranes, Filaments & Networks: C1-C9

T. Idema
C1 Membranes and vesicles
 Download pdf (PDF, 15 MB)
P. Bassereau
C2 Membrane-protein interactions
 Download pdf (PDF, 4 MB)
S. Köster
C3 Biological Filaments
 Download pdf (PDF, 23 MB)
C. Storm
C4 Filament networks
T. Auth
C5 Motor proteins, motility assays
 Download pdf (PDF, 40 MB)
K. Kruse
C6 Active cytoskeleton
C. Rose
C7 Synapses
 Download pdf (PDF, 5 MB)

Cells: D1-D8

S. Kondrat
D1 Intracellular diffusion
 Download pdf (PDF, 10 MB)
P. Lang
D2 Crowding
 Download pdf (PDF, 5 MB)
F. Müller
D3 Neuronal signalling
 Download pdf (PDF, 3 MB)
J. Spatz
D4 Minimal cell
B. Sabass
D5 Force sensing
R. Merkel
D6 Mechanobiology
 Download pdf (PDF, 4 MB)
R. Leube
D7 Cell and tissue mechanics
J. Guck
D8 Flow Cytometry
 Download pdf (PDF, 19 MB)

Multicellular & Collective Behaviour E1-E7

P. Lettinga
E1 Rheology
 Download pdf (PDF, 6 MB)
D. Fedosov
E2 Blood flow and hemostasis
 Download pdf (PDF, 7 MB)
R. Winkler
E3 Principles of active matter
 Download pdf (PDF, 31 MB)
G. Gompper
E4 Swimming micro-organisms
 Download pdf (PDF, 6 MB)
B. Maier
E5 Bacterial and biofilms
J. Elgeti
E6 Tissue growth

 Download pdf (PDF, 1 MB)

M. Diesmann
E7 Neurobiology
 Download pdf (PDF, 12 MB)

Diseases & Systems Biology: F1-F7

B. Kaupp
F1 How physics shaped our senses
J. Krug
F2 Genetics and evolution
 Download pdf (PDF, 626 kB)
H. Rieger
F3 Biophysics of killing
 Download pdf (PDF, 27 MB)
C. Fahlke
F4 Monogenetic diseases
 Download pdf (PDF, 9 MB)
U. Schwarz
F5 Malaria
 Download pdf (PDF, 6 MB)
D. Willbold
F6 Alzheimer
 Download pdf (PDF, 11 MB)
T. Bollenbach
F7 Antibiotic resistance
 Download pdf (PDF, 4 MB)