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The "IFF Spring School"


Just how lively an exchange with students and young scientists can be is demonstrated by the annual "IFF Spring School" - an important event for communicating current issues in the physics of condensed matter for more than 40 years now. Of the 200 to 300 students who attend each year many come back in following years and some even end up at Forschungszentrum Jülich: like Professor Dieter Richter, a former attendee at the Spring School, who has now been a director at Jülich for many years, first at the IFF institute, since 2011 at the institutes JCNS and ICS. A further success: the book of manuscripts for the Spring School has the character of a textbook and it is often the first work of reference in a new research field.

Spring School 2015:
Functional Soft Matter
23 February-06 March, 2015

Spring School 2014:
Computing Solids: Models, Ab-initio Methods and Supercomputing
March 10-21, 2014